At EDG coffee, we know it can be overwhelming to find specialty grade coffee that is ethically sourced. The truth is that many of us have purchased coffee without knowing that the farmers who grow it are often mistreated and underpaid.  Child labor, poor working conditions, and exploitation are just a few of the ways that corruption has entered the coffee industry.

When we saw the corruption first hand, we knew we had to do something different. Lots of coffee companies are trying to solve this problem through direct trade, which cuts out the middleman who often takes advantage of both farmers and consumers. But we go beyond Direct Trade by actually owning the farm, which allows us to pay our harvesters 48% above the national minimum wage while also providing pure water and daily meals. 

Our coffee is grown at high altitudes and sorted carefully to make sure you get the best flavor. According to third-party experts, our coffee is specialty grade, ranking it in the top 3% in the world. Our trained professionals small-batch roast all coffee in-house and ship it directly to your door.  Now you don't have to search aisles and read labels to make sure you aren’t settling for poor quality and questionable sourcing. From the time our farmers plant the seed to the moment it reaches your doorstep, we ensure quality and prevent corruption with a dream to improve the lives of impoverished people everywhere coffee is grown. 

Coffee tastes better when you order from EDG, where we treat our farmers like family.





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